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Welcome to Coalition Yes!

So here we are. Day one. And what the heck is this thing? Well the idea behind Coalition Yes! is based on the concept of a coalition itself - A group of like-minded individuals working together for a common cause. No production or magazine or campaign is done by just one individual; it takes a team to create almost anything of value. My personal experience is vast. I have shot (and continue to shoot) both editorially and commercially for selective clients. I have worked as a photo editor for numerous award winning magazines - which has allowed me to create a vast network of connections across the continent - not to mention the ability to turn things around quick fast and on budget! And now I find myself producing commercial photography for various clients and their needs. I am just one individual though and as mentioned above it takes a team to create any project. This is where the Coalition part comes into play. Beyond that though the intentions of the company are to not only produce work for clients but to create work as well. With an over abundance of creative talent here in Canada I am often dismayed by how many times I hear that one has to leave to be successful and that there are not enough outlets for their talents. I don't buy into that and believe that with a 'build it and they will come' attitude our collective greatness can be showcased. 

The opening image is an onset production still for a new Red Bull campaign that was shot by KC Armstrong of Sparks Photographers. It was a large job that was shot on a very tight schedule. The final product looks great though and is currently all over Union Station in Toronto. It is an excellent example of teamwork and communication backed by solid creative. The final images should be in the commercial portfolio shortly.

Finally, one of the features on the website is a gallery. Each month it will showcase a different artist and work that you may not have seen before. This month it is featuring a selection of images by photographer Lorne Bridgman. The photos are from a book titled The United States of Delirium in which he teamed up with writer/designer David Houghton to document the fantastically epic Race Across America. 

Check out the work, check out the site and check back often to see what the Coalition gets up to. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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Congrats Mile!!
The site looks great.

November 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTom Nesbitt

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