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On the Wall this month - Adam Krawesky

© Adam Krawesky

A few years ago while I was working at the great yet fateful Toro magazine, I was researching images for a news story in Toronto. While in the middle of this research I came across a photographer whose work I had not seen before. The work on the site was amazing and it seemed it was being produced at a fairly rapid rate. There was no name attached to the site though so I decided to contact the photographer through the blank contact form in hopes they would get back to me.

A day later I received a reply from Adam Krawesky the photographer behind the images that I was digging so much. There was something to his photos that struck a chord with me. They were an obvious product of hard work, practice and patience and in an age where it seemed everyone with a 5mp camera or better was jumping on the highkey/hdr/offset/bypass trend that was sweeping the city industry it was refreshing to see that someone wasn’t falling for it and shooting for the sake of themselves. Adam is a prolific photographer, often spending hours a day wandering the streets around his Toronto home waiting for a moment. Much like the images taken by the greats – Davidson, Winogrand, Erwitt et al – Adam’s street photos don’t just happen, they happen because he was there, either waiting or following. Unlike a lot of other street shooters there is a graphic element present in his photos that is created when he steps along side his subjects (which he regularly does) this is also often enhanced more by his decision to shoot when the light is at a lower angle. And because he is stepping off of the curb to shoot we are seeing the moments in a context that is rather unfamiliar to us. Thanks to this the subjects almost invariably become characters within the environments they are in – a man searching for his head, another stepping blindly off of the curb as if he is testing himself for a more fateful moment, the hand of a woman placed gently on a head of someone as if it were a re-enactment of a scene from the bible. His pictures left me wanting to know more. And what is more important in a photograph then to force the viewer to ask questions?

I am totally stoked as Adam has agreed to show some of his work in the gallery this month. He can be reached through his website inconduit.com. He is also represented by the Patrick Mikhail Gallery which is based in Ottawa. Thanks Adam.

All images copyright Adam Krawesky.

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