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Looking at the date stamp here it’s easy to see that this blog – and site! - have long been neglected. This is due to a couple factors least of which is full time employment at Sportsnet magazine as the photo editor.  Now while building a magazine from the ground up and contributing to its great success has been rewarding I feel that something has been lacking in the personal photographic satisfaction department, PPSD for short. This has led me to a place where I need to start to create my own work again which is awesome and terrifying at the same time. I have a few projects I want to conquer and the first of those is one based on Regrets.  This will be a portrait based project and I am looking for people to photograph for it. I can go further into detail if you contact me personally but for now I’d like to keep it pretty vague. So this is a subject call and fairly specific. If you know of ay of the following people and would be able to help introduce me it would be greatly appreciated. I will travel to photograph people so they do not have to be GTA based.

- A politician (currently in office)

- A professor

- A priest (preferably Roman Catholic)

- A professional actor


- Someone who has experienced great loss

- Someone dying

- A prisoner

- Someone given new life

- A parent of someone incarcerated

- Someone 100 years old 

I would like to photograph them in an environment and will be asking them a simple question: What is your biggest regret? Please email me at for more info

In other news this blog is now back up and running. I am also going to be updating the gallery shortly with a fantastic series by a Canadian photographer. On top of this the photo editing portfolio has recently been updated with spreads from the past two years at Sportsnet.

Looking forward to seeing this space more active. Thanks for your help.




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