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Editorial Love

© Jorge Dirkk/Redux

You may have been noticing a trend lately in regards to which magazine I am really behind right now. This is not only because the content is fantastic and relevant but also because they are flaunting one of the best designed magazines out there right now. At a time when more and more magazines are playing it safe with their design and use of photography, Bloomberg Businessweek continues to take risks (and it pains me to say that about the Economist as they are such a good read). I would assume that the majority of readers are business minded individuals who are most likely hitting up this bi-weekly read between metro stops or skips across the Atlantic and could really care less about sexy columns, nutty infographics, contemporary illustration and double truck imagery – Which makes this magazine even more exciting to me.  The redesigned magazine was launched in April 2010 and was headed up by Creative Director Richard Turley and has only gained steam since. This spread in the most recent issue proves once again that great photography and great design can live happily together. It is also a great example of how conflict photography can be used to drive the headers. Oh and hats off to the photo department for the excellent research. Keep it up!