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2011, A New Space Odyssey

© Cass Bird

So this is day one for 2011 here at Coalition Yes! Thanks to the plague 2010 ended quietly with a feebly raised glass at 10pm New Years eve. Here’s to health in 2011!

Before succumbing to the hacking cough and chills that accompanied the illness I was able to scribble down some goals for the Coalition in the New Year. After 6 months of business I am happy for what I have started though not satisfied with the pace of growth. I want more, more, more! Call it a character fault but I always want more. And I think that is a good thing! So here is the list of business goals for 2011. I will be asking some of you how to help achieve these more effectively and others I will be asking to trust your business with me. And if you catch me dressing down I urge you to point it out in the kindest way possible!

  1. To grow the business into new areas other that production. Creativity is something that is in continual need of releasing and I don’t believe that photography is the king of the mediums. We get no where without creative play and I am challenging myself to be more creative and to find ways to bring this creativity into the Coalition.
  2. Quote with a new client every month. This is pretty straight forward and will hopefully translate into 12 new clients by years end. I have a sneaky feeling this is a lot more difficult than it seems. Time to polish my self marketing skills off.
  3. Expand into a new (shared) space. Right now I am working out of our home office. While it is nice to not have to fight traffic to get to work, working form home is bad for a few reasons. A. Too much stuff to store. I take a min. of 4 large containers of supplies to each shoot. Storing these here is wrong. Not to mention the tables and chairs and mats. They need their own home. B. The social aspect. Working recently at Hamin Lee’s studio I loved being back in an environment where I could talk with people about work. Hard to do all by yourself. C. Too easy to enable goal 4! See below.
  4. Dress better. Sounds funny as I don’t think I dress poorly now but it is too easy when not meeting clients or working onset to take an off day with the wardrobe. Untucked and casual is not becoming of my 38 year old frame.
  5. Update Blog Regularly. If you go back in my blog archives you’ll…wait, there are no archives. And that is a problem.
  6. Have 12 different photographers in the gallery by years end. One of the things I miss about photo editing is being able to show work of people I like. The gallery on this site is meant to replace this.
  7. Scout more. The Oddball hey! I enjoy scouting. I enjoy talking with photographers and getting a sense of who they are and what they are looking for. Getting out there with a camera and digging through the dirt to find the perfect location is something I enjoy but don’t do enough of. It is something the Coaltion offers and should promote more.

Not a bad list and time to get at it as it seems like I have some work to do!