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On the Wall this month - Mark Peckmezian

© Mark Peckmezian

There is something about an ongoing personal project – one with no time line for completion in fact – that makes me giddy inside. One of the most prolific photographers I know (and I know a lot of shooters) Mark’s work continues to amaze me. Seemingly unafraid to experiment, his results always seem to align with what is rapidly becoming his look. As a photo editor I was always looking at the personal work of photographers before their editorial or commercial pages as I felt it gave me a better insight into how and why they work. If someone is shooting something from their heart it clearly will be coming from a place that is meaningful to them and in that regard more truthful. The selection of images in this month’s gallery are from Mark’s continually growing body of dog photographs. While not a subject unfamiliar to photographers the images that Mark captures contain emotion and life unseen in many other dog series.

As mentioned in the intro I was first introduced to his work while on a portfolio review at Ryerson. It was mere weeks later when I was sitting in a lawyer’s office looking for a decent magazine to read (take note editorial newbs; Get ‘restructured’ then do yourself a favour and lawyer up immediately). It was in and amongst the pile of various mags that I saw a cover that felt so ‘ballsy’ to me. The March 2010 Report on Business had a photograph of BELL CEO George Cope that was just so raw with feeling. What struck me as ballsy (and awesome) was that it was not a flattering image in the any sense of the word. The subject was tight looking and seemingly unaware of his body language; oh that chin and nervous thumb tuck. But it worked. It worked on so many levels for me. It was cocky and brash and emotional and just plain old tough. It also played perfectly to the words beside it. ‘clobbered’ and ‘come out swinging’.

© Mark Peckmezian/Report on Business Magazine

What made me smile even more was the name in the credits: Photograph by Mark Peckmezian. What a fantastic score for both him and Claire Jordan, the photo editor at R.O.B.  This grainy, raw image was a risk on a cover – and a business mag at that – but one that I am glad they took. I wish more magazines took risks like this. Mark is repped by Stash Artists and you can see more of his personal work on his own site. Enjoy the dogs