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(re)New Kid on the Block

What a launch! It has been some time since I had the chance to see so many people that I enjoy being around so much. Nothing says Hello World like one kick ass party. And nothing gets those within the publishing industry tongues a waggin like the launch of a new magazine. Aside from some time well spent flippin through the pages of The Grid at the party last night, I tucked into it this morning to see what the heck was really going on inside it. Many of you know that I am a big believer in what Laas has been doing since he took over Eye Magazine last year. Building a great team of uber talented editors, writers, sales and creative folks (sorry what else are we?! besides I kinda like it!) who all seemed to be buying in to what he was selling. So what did ‘we the people’ get when the magazine hit the boxes this morning? 

Larger format. Great fonts. Respectful use of whitespace. Smart Icons. Sexy columns. Trending topics (nice one!) Fantastic infoporn infographics) Relevant content (are you listening NOW?) Bit of cheekyness/cockiness. Doing a better job of representing Toronto life then the magazine named such. and finally No sex ads (thank you!). 

But what hit me most - and of course it would - is what I like to call the Mother Fucking YES moment. Big bad ass pictures throughout. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

© Mark Zibert / The Grid© Jay Shuster, Yeounjung Kim / The Grid

In this day and age where everyone is a photographer, photographs actually matter more. The energy, excitement and passion Toronto contains as a city must be reflected in the photography of the magazines that represent the city - more so now than ever. Keep it up The Grid. You have fired a very well placed shot across the bow of this city’s magscape.